Why am I signing up now?

We want you to be the first to see the site, so if you register now we can make sure your profile is up and running on Day 1.

Can I edit my profile?

Yes! When the site is live you can go in and edit anything you want. This is just so something goes up right away. You will be able to create a full profile when the site is live.

How Will I know When the Site is Live?

We will email you letting you know the site has launched and that your profile is live.

Can I use my log in for the current site?

No, the existing Lavalife.com is going to be completely replaced with the new site, so you will not be able to use it until the new one is live. We want to make sure you get the new and improved version, and we promise it’s worth the wait!

What happens when my free trial ends?

You will be having so much fun on Lavalife that you will never want to leave, so you can choose from one of our flexible package options to continue.